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Re: plot, lons, lats overlayed on a map

T Bowers wrote:
> Hmmm... it works! But...I've got the problem that the next data station(s)
> may be10 deg. south of this cluster and I need to make sure that when the
> updated set of lats and lons comes through (I just append to the arrays with
> lats = [lats, newLat]
> lon = [lons, newLon]
> ) that the new plot will adjust automatically to encompass ALL the points.

Don't wrestle with the LIMIT keyword - it's too painful. Just pick a
SCALE that is large enough to cover all possibilities. Note that no
matter what your window size, using SCALE creates a map at the same
scale, e.g. try

window, /free, xsize=400, ysize=400
map_set, 35, 125, /ortho, scale=10e6, /cont
window, /free, xsize=800, ysize=800
map_set, 35, 125, /ortho, scale=10e6, /cont

So if you need to, just make a larger image window. And use the mean
value for LAT and LON to center the projection, e.g.

latmean = total( lat ) / float( n_elements( lat ) )
lonmean = total( lon ) / float( n_elements( lon ) )
map_set, latmean, lonmean, /ortho, scale=10e6, /cont

> Thanks, Liam.

No worries.

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