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Re: delvar

Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan wrote:
> [... snipped ]

> Which again reminds me - it would be *really* nice if RSI would
> start putting in "Not before version X.XX" information in the
> online documentation for (new) features. It's tiresome enough
> trying to write version-sensitive code, and I just don't need
> the extra work required to check exactly which of the current
> features go back to this or that version...
> Stein Vidar

How about decreasing the speed with which they release new versions
these days? This almost reminds me of Microsoft where you had just typed
in the first sentence in your new version of word and the next update
(or bug fix) came ... Personally, I would like to see some split between
interim versions and major version updates. There should always be a
latest official release which would remain stable for at least one year,
and there could be additional "sneak preview" releases for those who
want to try out new features at once (and get involved in beta or gamma
testing). Then there would at least be some official standard as to what
keywords are available, and everything else would be at own risk; even
with possible changes in the next big release (so they would have a
chance to correct inconsistencies without annoying too many people). And
for most of us, the
IF (!VERSION ...) block could be held at a reasonable size. 

I do agree that listing the version range in the online help would
already help a lot! Even better, of course, if we could also find cross
links to the correct places for older or newer versions of what we
are/were used to.


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