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subscript array question

     I'm using IDL 5.0 and need to be able to use a subscript
array containing duplicate values like this:

array = intarr(5)
subs  = [0,2,4,4]
array[subs] = array[subs] + 1

and have the resulting values for array be:

	1	0	1	0	2

Because of the way IDL manages memory for expression evaluation
and assignments, what happens for the last two elements of the
addition is that the original value of array[4] is used twice,
rather than what I want, which is to use the current value of
array[4] each time.  I.e. IDL gives the resulting values for
array to be:

	1	0	1	0	1

     So is there a way to do what I want without resorting to
a loop?  In my real-world application, I'm using two different
subscript arrays together to index into and update a two-
dimensional table.  Having duplicate pairs of subscripts from
the two subscript arrays is expected to occur very frequently.

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