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Re: Unsupported X Windows visual

Harald von der Osten-Woldenburg wrote:
> I have upgraded my OS to Linux 2.0.36 with window manager KDE. As soon
> as graphical routines are called within IDL I get the error message
> % Unsupported X Windows visual (class: StaticGray, depth:0)
> % Substituting default (class: <UndefinedVisual>, Depth:0)
> How can I handle this in IDL settings?

I don't use any X resource settings, just the following startup file:

;---cut here---
;- Set up 8 bit display and allocate colors

device, retain=2, decomposed=0, pseudo=8
window, /free, /pixmap, colors = -5
wdelete, !d.window

;- Set graphics and widget font sizes

device, set_character_size=[6,9]
widget_control, default_font='7x13'

;- Ensure IDL 5 XMANAGER behavior is consistent with IDL 4

xmanager, catch=0
;---cut here---

This gives me consistent results on all Unix platforms. Set the
environment variable IDL_STARTUP to the full path and name of the
startup file. Note that if True Color mode is desired, replace
'pseudo=8' with 'true=24' in the the DEVICE keywords.


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