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Re: Non-Blocking I/O

Eric J. Korpela wrote:

> [...] Well, having the thread occur on a weekend probably doesn't help the
> response volume.

How true, how true...

> I have been down this road before, and basically
> have come to the conclusion that if IDL doesn't have what you want, adding
> it, while not exactly trivial, is pretty damn easy.
> Now no one is beating down the door to get to my web site and get VARRAY
> (which will add some shared memory support to IDL).  No one has expressed
> much interest in asking me to speed up publication of a multiprocessing
> library for IDL (see examples given on this group a couple months ago.)

...well... Obviously I didn't pay attention to comp.lang.idl-pvwave at this time,
As to expressing interest: I would do so. If you are developing a multiprocessing
library for IDL, I would seriously appreciate you publishing it.

> I've been using standard UNIX IPC mechanisms in IDL for a couple years now,
> but haven't taken the effort to make my software available.

Again, I would appreciate you doing so. It is exactly what I'm looking for.

> [...] Maybe the demand doesn't exist?

It does. :)

Best regards, Ruediger.