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Re: How do I prevent underflow errors?

meron@cars3.uchicago.edu writes:

	(stuff deleted)

>The problem with these approaches is that they eliminate all math 
>error messages, including some you may want to see.  What you would 
>want is to eliminate only specific error messages, the "underflow" 
>ones in this case.  I've been in touch with RSI on this issue, 
>suggesting an upgrade to check-math.  Specifically I suggested adding 
>a keyword variable which'll enable you to specify (through a bit mask 
>or so) which errors you want to check and clear.  They promised to 
>look into it but I haven't seen results yet.

	(stuff deleted)

I think we'd all like to get rid of those underflow error messages, while still
letting other error messages through.

Bill Thompson