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library update

Hi all,

   after more than 1/2 year, I finally forced myself to update my IDL
web pages (address below). There are several new routines and updates 
in my tools library and a few minor fixes to EXPLORE. I still couldn't
find time to make the whole thing look nice. 

   Hope you find these routines useful - as always I'd be happy to hear 
positive feedback and bug reports ;-)

Best regards,

Dr. Martin Schultz                   
Department for Engineering&Applied Sciences, Harvard University
109 Pierce Hall, 29 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA-02138, USA

phone: (617)-496-8318
fax  : (617)-495-4551

e-mail: mgs@io.harvard.edu
Internet-homepage: http://www-as.harvard.edu/people/staff/mgs/idl/