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Re: Misc. Bugs & Problems

"Steve Scheele" <sscheele@scitor.com> wrote:
> ;********************
> Bug: Resizing a draw widget, flips vertical sliders up side down.
> Workaround: Pass an initial value to the slider - this workaround is
> apparently machine/OS dependent. It didn't work for me.

I think I have a genuine workaround for NT.  Using IDL 5.2 / WinNT, with a
widget that contains a menu, draw widget and vertical slider the full height
of the draw widget... I initially create the slider with:
sl=widget_slider(b0,min=0L,max=10000L,val=10000L,/suppress,uval=2,/vert) When
handling the main widget's resize call, I find I have to do:
widget_control,sl,set_slider_max=0L,set_slider_min=10000L  The astute reader
will notice that the min and max are now the reverse of what was used in the
creation call, and that seems to balance out whatever happened to the poor
thing during the resize.  (Well, on NT at least.)  I think it keeps on
working too (i.e., for any further resizes).

Peter Mason

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