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Re: Misc. Bugs & Problems

< Problem: Sort slows down considerably when sorting integer arrays
> containing many identical values. (on NT)

>Note that this seems to be platform dependent.

Yes - It is also my understanding that Sort uses the sort algorithm that is
native to the particular OS. I had thought that Sort used quick sort.
However, quick sort slows down considerably when sorting arrays already in
(mostly) sorted order. My testing failed to show this particular problem.

< Bug: Resizing a draw widget, flips vertical sliders up side down.
< Workaround: Pass an initial value to the slider

>Could somebody give a tiny example of this - I'm not exactly clear on what
this means.

The test case I have been using is;

 Pro TestSlider

   TLB = Widget_Base(/Row, XPad=10, /Map, XSize=200, YSize=200)

   Slider = Widget_Slider(TLB, Maximum=100, Minimum=0, /Vertical)

   Draw = Widget_Draw(TLB)

   ;following causes the slider to flip 180 deg., putting the min value at
top and the max value at the bottom
   Widget_Control, Draw, Draw_XSize=75

   XManager, 'TLB, TLB


 RSI's workaround is to build the slider with an explicit value, i.e.

     Slider = Widget_Slider(TLB, Maximum=100, Minimum=o, /Vertical,

This didn't work for me. Apparently both the problem and workaround are IDL
version and OS (and OS version) specific. My test code worked proberly using
IDL V5.1 on both NT and SUN/Solaris.