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Re: postscript scaling

Ioannis Marangopoulos (mph280@biomed.abdn.ac.uk) writes a long
article describing the usual woes of getting PostScript output 
to look like what is on the display:

> I have a question that puzzled me for some time.

Basically, the PostScript "window" on the PostScript
page is set up with the XSIZE and YSIZE keywords to
the DEVICE command. Graphics commands are arranged
in this window in exactly the same way they are 
arranged in a regular display window. The trick to
getting PostScript output to look like display output
is to get the display window and PostScript window
aspect ratios the same.

This is explained in more detail in this article on 
my web page:


Included in the article are pointers to two 
programs: PSWINDOW and ASPECT that make creating
perfect PostScript output *much* easier. :-)



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[Note: This follow-up was e-mailed to the cited author.]