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AND statements

If you write some code like this:


IF Ptr_Valid(test) AND Size(*test, /type) NE 10 THEN print, *test

....can you always guarantee that it will not try to evaluate the second
statement if the first one was false - or is this a dangerous tactic to

Oh, by the way, in a day or two I should be able to put out a little bit
of code which might be of interest to some. I did it at home so unlike
most of my programs I can let others use it. It will (hopefully) when
passed a pointer free up any heap memory, including, pointer arrays,
structures, objects. I suupose I could fairly simply extend it to object
references by simply using Obj_Class on the passed object reference,
then using Execute to create a structure and then it would be just like
normal. Although that addition might take a little while longer. If
anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail to let me know, (or if someone
else has done a program like this before).


P.S. If you reply, can you cc to philaldis@geocities.com, as well as to
the newsgroup, as my newsgroup feed seems to be more than a little
selective about the messages it picks up.