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Image Output Honors !P.Multi

Hi Folks,

Because you asked for it... 

I put a new version of TVImage up on my web page today.
It now honors the !P.Multi system variable if the MULTI
keyword is set.

   image = Dist(300)
   !P.Multi=[0, 3, 2]
   TVImage, image, /Multi
   TVImage, image, /Multi, /Keep_Aspect
   TVImage, image, /Multi, Margin=0.02

Even I was shocked at how easy it was! And it is not
even written as an object. :-(

You can download the program here:




P.S. I'm doing some work on the page today. One of the
things I have decided to do is reduce the price on the
updated-for-IDL-5.2 book a bit. You can thank Ronn
Kling for the competitive book pricing environment. :-)

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