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Re: General purpose structure editor?

In article <36DF84A4.1F6575D7@mail.earth.monash.edu.au>,
	Michael Asten <masten@mail.earth.monash.edu.au> writes:

> Well well.
> Seems its been done.  The idl routine XVAREDIT  is one of rsi's best
> kept secrets.
> (See my comments of Jan 15th on why rsi needs to make a greater effort
> on developing library widgets for its users, and make a greater effort
> to provide documentation guidance and examples of their use).
> I prefer XVAREDIT from idl 4.0, but be warned, rsi techs say it has a
> reported bug (altho I havnt found it).
> XVARDEDIT from idl5.x is a totally rewritten routine, which to me gives
> a widget which is less pleasing to the eye, and clunky to use (needs
> press Enter to make an edittable field active, and press Enter to
> confirm the editted field, wheras the old version is just like a
> wordprocessor to use when editting fields.
> Both routines work on structures, including structures containing
> arrays. Pointers - I dont think so but check the doc.

I wrote a companion routine called XVarExport which will
(well, should :-) allow you to interactively select and export 
any variables to an IDL save file.  It could be a little memory 
intensive for large datasets, since it must copy your data 
to local variables prior to the SAVE, but I couldn't see any 
other way to do it.

For more info, see


-bob mallozzi

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