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Re: AND statements

rmlongfield@my-dejanews.com writes:
> Hi Jon, 	Please don't feel bad if you don't think people are using
> your programs. I've been hanging around this newsgroup for almost a year now
> and I've collected quite a lot of programs and web pages.  Some I use, some
> not. I do use pointers frequently and even worse, pointers to pointers.  When
> I've got a problem, I first search the Deja-News archives for this group for
> a solution.  I may not use your program now but I did have a look at it and I
> know where it is for when and if I need it in the future.
> 	I do appreciate the sharing of tricks and ideas about how to
> handle certain problems.
> 	Rose

Here is what I have seen from my personal experience, based on my IDL
web page:

  Number of IDL page hits per month     -  about 450
  Number of program downloads per month -  about 250
  Number of feedback messages per month -  about 1

So, to Phil: there may be a lot of people using your program but you
won't necessarily know about it.  Feedback ratios seem to be less than
1%.  Consider that: (a) only a fraction of people will download your
code; (b) a fraction of them will try to use it; (c) a fraction of
them will use it successfully; and (d) a fraction of them will then be
motivated to respond to the author.

Advertisement is also key.  I see a noticeable increase in hits when I
mention my web page here on the newsgroup, based on informal polling.

To users of contributed software: feedback is always welcome!  Whether
it's a bug report, a feature request, or a "thank you", I am sure that
the David's, Liam's, Phil's appreciate the interaction and knowing
that they don't live in a vacuum.


P.S.  My IDL web page is http://astrog.physics.wisc.edu/~craigm/idl/idl.html
Craig B. Markwardt, Ph.D.         EMAIL: craigmnet@astrog.physics.wisc.edu
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