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Re: AND statements

Kirmanta de Malher <fernandez-j2@chu-caen.fr> writes:
> Craig Markwardt wrote:
> > To users of contributed software: feedback is always welcome!  Whether
> > it's a bug report, a feature request, or a "thank you", I am sure that
> > the David's, Liam's, Phil's appreciate the interaction and knowing
> > that they don't live in a vacuum.
> >
> >
> Oh well Craig, i thank you again for your programs. Do you plan to compile your
> mpfit program in C ? I would want to have more speed :)    Bye, Jesus

Hmmm.  I translated the curve-fitting program MPFIT from the fortran
package called MINPACK.  There is also a C version available (check
Netlib).  As for interfacing IDL and C, that gets a little sticky.
Since I use MPFIT, I'll certainly keep trying to improve it as I can,
including speeding it up.


P.S.  MPFIT is available from

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