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Re: IDL for windows :-{

In article <MPG.11a5183cefa6d02c98979e@news.frii.com> 
davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
 Mike Klein (mgk@pogo.ab.umd.edu) writes:

> > 	After having used IDL for years on UNIX systems, I am struggling with
> > the user interface of the version for Windows.  Can anyone tell me how
> > to do any of the following:
> > 
> > 1.  Eliminate the command input window, and enter commands directly in
> > the output log window - just like an xterm.
> I'm afraid you will have to get used to disappointment, here. :-(

What! You mean the only way to get IDL to behave non-windozily
on windows is to use callable IDL to write a tty-like input

> > 4.  For a displayed image, how can I change its colors without having to
> > re-load the image after changing the color table?  For example, clicking
> > through the entries in XLOADCT immediately changes the colors in all
> > windows on my UNIX machine.  I've turned off decomposed color
> > (device,decomposed=0), which doesn't seem to affect this behavior.
> Set your graphics card to 256 colors.

I have a better suggestion: Join the protest group against this
un-IDL-like behaviour and demand that RSI does something to
amend this...:-) Without interactive rescaling of the color table
(with automatic effect on displayed images), the "I" in IDL
is no longer.

Se my posting "Re: 24-bit/8-bit color (Re: read_tiff - simple question)"
from about the end of April for a good (IMO) start on what
they should offer....

Stein Vidar