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Re: IDL for windows :-{

In article <MPG.11a5ce9f12a213179897a2@news.frii.com> 
davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:

> P.S. Tell me again how IDL is going to know I want
> the colors in *this* window updated, but not the
> colors in *that* window over there? Because one of
> the best features of 24-bit color is that colors
> *don't* change. Which means, of course, that I can
> have 10 images, each displayed with a different color
> table, on the display at the same time and change only
> the one I want to change.

Sure, Dave, from my original post:

>As an extra bonus, it would be *very* nice if one could specify
>more than one such "interactive colormap" - i.e. along the lines

>    window,0         ;; Default window creation, means "use the 
>                     ;; current colormap (let's call it "map1"), 
>                     ;; in interactive mode ("value" backing store)

>    tvscl,image1     ;; Display image1 with this color map

>    window,1         ;; Create new window, still using map1

>    tvscl,image2

>    xloadct          ;; Manipulate current map, with instant
>                     ;; update of window 0 and 1 (since they're
>                     ;; both using the map that's manipulated).

>    newmap = obj_new('pseudomap') ;; Create a new (interactive)
>                                  ;; colormap
>    window,2,pseudo=newmap ;; Both windows share this new map
>    window,3,pseudo=newmap ;; 
>    :
>    xloadct ;; Manipulates current (i.e. "newmap") color table,
>            ;; updating window 2 & 3, no effect on 0 and 1.

>    wset,0  ;; Now we're switching to a window using map1
>    xloadct ;; Manipulate map1 again.. no effect on window
>            ;; 2 and 3, but instant update of 0 and 1.

>In the case of an 8-bit display, all the color tables would
>probably be identical, with changes to one reflected in all
>windows. Or maybe one could still have different color tables
>internally, and the effective one (the one that's actually
>communicated to the screen hardware) would depend on which window
>was selected/active (wset)?

Simple and efficient, aint it? I've had responses by email 
ranging from 

  "You've pretty much expressed what I want for next Christmas" 
  "One word...ditto!"

I cannot see that this will involve such a great deal of
hassle compared to the ability to have RETAIN=2 for graphics


Stein Vidar