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Re: netCDF - char attributes

Martin Schultz wrote:

> Hi again,
>   Liam has prompted me to take a look into netCDF, and I must say, it's
> easier than I thought.
> (So far) I just got one question: If I store a string attribute (e.g.
> units), IDL's
> NCDF_AttPut routine internally converts it to BYTE no mater whether I
> set the /CHAR flag or not. In the example that they provide, they force
> the output to be a string saying one would need to do this to convert
> from BYTE. But does this mean that the CHAR type is not supported? Or am
> I missing something here?

Hi Martin,

I believe the /CHAR type isn't supported as CHAR only as BYTE.
We have a lot of experience with Fortran and C netCDF. All are using BYTE.

This means if you will write a parameter as string you have to define 2
(string_length X n_elements()).

You should have a look at the unidata netCDF homepage because IDL has only
Version netCDF 2.4.


The actualy version is 3.4. If you don't use netCDF 3.4 patches you will got in
trouble reading not
alphanumerical signs like -()+*. and so on  in the shortname. netCDF 2.4 is able
to write those.

We have already done a lot of definitions  for describing a dataset with netCDF




Hallo Martin,
netCDF gefällt mir ziemlich gut und in dem netCDF Forum wurde auch schon mal eine
komprimierende Version diskutiert.

> Thanks,
> Martin.
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