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Re: Variable stride in array indices and other enhancements

In article <3742C069.AA4EFE3C@icesat1.gsfc.nasa.gov>, Jack Saba
<jack@icesat1.gsfc.nasa.gov> wrote:
> Given the post by Richard French noting that IDL 5.3 is due out in
> October, maybe it's time to send RSI a wish list.

I submitted the 'stride' request to the IDL comment form at


Anyone care to second it?

I also submitted a request to have MAP_IMAGE handle 24-bit images (instead
of having to call it 3 times, once for each image plane).

I also agree with the sentiment expressed by Struan Gray in another thread:

>     That said, if history is anything to go by, 5.3 will leave intact
> the bugs identified by Moses back in version 0.1b5, while presenting a
> radical new way to 'simplify' programming on Windows 3.1 (only) which
> ensures nice long coffee breaks for any user daft enough to plot
> arrays with more than about ten elements.

RSI has greatly expanded IDL in many directions (ENVI, RiverTools, etc.),
but it is still difficult to get a correct rectangular border around a
simple cylindrical-equidistant global map.  Every one I draw has strange

Another thing that drives me nuts is differences between the Hershey and
Postscript font character ordering.  Everytime I want to convert a plot
from X to PS, I have to insert special code to handle any special

Another of my pet peeves - no real 24-bit support for the Postscript device.

All that said, many things have been improved in the internals over the
years.  I love /NAN in TOTAL, etc.  I would like to see continued efforts
by RSI to make every detail in IDL right.  Keep reporting those bugs (I
mean features)!

Ken Bowman