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Re: Hex constants interpreted differently in IDL/v5.2

thompson@orpheus.nascom.nasa.gov (William Thompson) writes:

>A colleague of mine (Craig DeForrest) pointed this out to me, and I thought it
>important enough to distribute more widely.  Has anybody else run into this

>Apparently, IDL/v5.2 interprets some hexadecimal constants differently than
>previous versions.  For example, the statement

>	IDL> help,'aa7f'x

>under IDL/v5.1 produces the result

>	<Expression>    LONG      =        43647

>while under IDL/v5.2, the following is returned

>	<Expression>    INT       =   -21889

Update -- I just heard that RSI considers this a bug, because v5.2 acts
differently in this regard than all earlier versions of IDL.  The next version
of IDL should go back to the old behavior.

Bill Thompson