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Re: Adding to IDL's help files.....

Phil Aldis wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone knew if there was the capability to add
> chapters or new books to IDL's help.
> I writing this really large program and I'm going to have to provide
> help for it. I would like if ti was just like the insight help, in
> that from my program, I could simply call my help with a context
> specifier. The user could then also search the help, as standard help
> as well.
> Does anyone know how this could be done, using IDL's help. Or do they
> have any other ideas about how I could do this. It has to work on both
> UNIX and windows, so I can't just use NT help.
> Cheers,
> Phil

For unix you need the hyperhelp development to produce your own hyperhelp
It was to expensive for me so I did documentations in latex and converted
to html by latex2html. Then you have a very good printable ouput and as
well a good hypertexthelp.