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Re: widget_programming

R.Bauer wrote:
> position keywords are fine if I use always the same platform for my
> application. But unfortunately we have some computers and some platforms where
> positional widgets are shown very bad.
> The main reason is the different system font and the different screen
> resolutions.
> Which fonts are on unix idl and nt idl will give the same results? Is
> there a list avaliable?
> Did the fontsize append on the screen resolution and how will I get
> independent to the screen resolution?
> I do understand well thats if I defined 1280 * 1024 and I have on an
> other one  only 1024 x 768 I got in trouble.
> But if I define 200 * 160 both should look simliar. What happens is
> thats on the best system (it's always the one where the widget was
> builded) all is ok and on an other one all is shifted on top of each
> other. Input fields could not be reached.

Mike Schienle has some very nice routines for cross platform font sizing



Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison