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Easy way to make hard copies at full printer resolution

My apologies if this is turning into a FAQ:

 One thing that makes IDL somewhat inconvenient for _interactive_ data
 and reduction is the lack of a command (equivalent to - dare I say it -

 alt(File)...Print... in MS-Windows programs) to produce a hard copy of
 current plot with the resolution offered by the printer.

 Ideally I'd like to sit and type into the IDL command prompt, using
native IDL
 commands and my own (wrapper, mainly) routines and, when a useful plot
 resulted on the screen, make a hard copy of it without any extra

I just did a quick surf and found some great stuff:

seems to do nearly what I want. (Thanks, Craig B. Markwardt and David
One drawback (from my point of view) is that apparently one can
only issue one plotting command for each plot - no oplot, xyouts, etc.
be added afterwards. Also, one cannot get several plots on the page with


(thanks, Paul van Delst!) allow to add an oplot to the plot, but then
we'd also
need wxyouts, wcontour, etc.

Does anyone know about any other user-routines along these lines?

And, why is it that IDL cannot get round to offering this kind of
functionality built-in?

Thanks for any help,