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Re: Memory Leaks

> Its important to realize that the type of memory leaks that can happen
> in IDL (barring internal IDL bugs) ...

I should point out that we had some trouble with what appeared to be an
internal IDL memory leak. We were using IDL 5.1 (under NT 4) as control and
data aquisition software on processes that ran for several days. We were
finding that as time progessed the memory available to the PC was slowly
dropping until the machine crashed (taking ~ 18hrs to eat up 100+Mb of
memory). Although some of this memory leak may have been due to
programmatical errors, a significant amount of the memory was not released
when IDL was closed. The only way to recover the memory was to reboot. I
suppose it is possible that this was due to an error in Windows, however NT
4.0 has a fairly good reputation in these matters (I'm sure many MS bashers
would disagree there though).