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Re: NT IDL Crashes

"Martin Downing" <m.downing@abdn.ac.uk> wrote:
<... About IDL 5.2 crashing on WinNT at just about any time>

I'll join the chorus:  "I can scarcely remember the last time it crashed
on me."   I have IDL 5.20 and 5.21 on a couple of NT4/(SP4 or 5)
workstations here and find it to be pretty stable.   Do you have
problems with other programs on your PC?   If so then I'd recommend that
you check your hardware (esp. memory).   If not then have you tried
reinstalling IDL?   It might be that one of its DLLs got zapped, or
perhaps overwritten (a wrong version or something) by some other
program's installation.   Also, I recall that there was some issue with
the HASP driver for a fairly recent version of IDL, and that RSI gave a
web link to download an update.   I don't have the link handy, but you
should be able to find HASP drivers at http://www.hasp.com.

Peter Mason

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