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IDLWAVE version 3.5 for GNU Emacs

IDLWAVE 3.5 is ready.  IDLWAVE contains the GNU EMacs modes for
editing IDL .pro files and running IDL as an inferior shell.  Here are
the changes in version 3.5.

   - Documentation (~20 pages) in TeXInfo format replaces the file
     commentaries.  The documentation is part of the distrubution.
     Postscript and HTML versions of it are also available on the web

   - Completion and Routine Info display now also work for object
     methods.  In IDL .pro buffers and under the shell.

   - IDLWAVE knows the calling sequences and keyword lists for all
     1109 builtin IDL routines, all routines in Emacs buffers and all
     modules compiled under the Shell.
   - The Debugging Toolbar which so far was only available for XEmacs
     is ported to Emacs.  Emacs 21 will be needed to display it.

   - The variable `idlwave-shell-use-breakpoint-glyph' no longer
     exists - see the new variable `idlwave-shell-mark-breakpoints'.

For more information see


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