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Widget width in vertical base

I just installed 5.2.1 (was using 5.1)
and I noticed that my horizontal sliders
in a vertical base no longer set their
width to the width of the base.

According to the documentation:

  Horizontal Size of Widgets:

  If any of the BASE_ALIGN_* keywords to WIDGET_BASE is set, each
  widget has its "natural" width, determined either by the value of
  the widget or by the XSIZE keyword. Similarly, if any of the child
  widgets specifies one of the ALIGN_* keywords, that widget will have
  its "natural" width. If none of the BASE_ALIGN_* or (ALIGN_*) 
  keywords are set, all widgets in the base are as wide as their

I removed all "*align*" keywords, but this did not solve
the problem.  The sliders remain their mundane size (100 pixels
I think).

Anyone else notice this problem or know a solution?

I'm running IDL under HP-UX 10.20