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Re: Widget width in vertical base

Jonathan Joseph (jj@scorpio.tn.cornell.edu) writes:

> Hmmm.  Well, your solution seems like it will work
> initially, but not after a resize.  I probably was not
> clear.  I have an image in a draw widget, which I can
> resize by resizing the window.  When I do that, I would like
> the sliders to resize themselves to be the same size as
> the draw widget.  Similar to how a scrolled window would
> look.

I should think the work-around is to resize them
at the same time you resize the draw widget. :-)

> It seems like they just got rid of some smarts.

More likely fixed a bug in the previous version.
As opposed to, for example, introducing a new bug in
this one. :-) Be that as it may, I am beginning to have
some doubts about the internal slider code
in IDL 5.2.1 myself.

I noticed the other day in a compound widget object
I was writing that I couldn't set the size
of the slider with a user-specified value in a
NOTIFY_REALIZE module. (Actually the slider
appeared to be the right size, but the "view" of
the slider in the widget was too short. Part of
it just disappeared into oblivion.)

Since this wasn't much of an issue to me I just 
set it aside and hardcoded the son-of-a-gun. I wonder 
if I shouldn't go back and test this again
in light of Matthew Sheets comments. Perhaps
it is a bug. 

Just got a notice that IDL 5.3 beta is finally
on its way. Guess I'll wait and test it there. :-)



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