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Say I have a single object called Vector3, that allows nice things like

   mag= Vector3->magnitude()
   dot= Vector3->dotproduct(secondvector)

and so on.  Then assume I've got a whole pile of vectors 

   pile= OBJARR(100)
   FOR indx=0,99 DO pile[i]= Vector3

and want to manipulate them all at once

   magpile= pile->magnitude()
% Object reference must be scalar in this context: PILE
% Execution halted at:  $MAIN$         

One foremost advantages of IDL is that logical groups of
vector and matrix operations can be carried out with a
single command.  Am I correct in fearing that the only
way to get what I want is with something like this?

   magpile= DBLARR(N_ELEMENTS(pile))
   FOR indx=0,N_ELEMENTS(pile)-1 DO magpile[indx]=

Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

				Brian Jackel