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Re: newbie question / concatenation of arrays of nested structure

Thomas Launey (t_launey@brain.riken.go.jp) writes:

> This question  has probably been already posted many time.
> how can I concatenate 2 arrays of anonymous nested structures?
> In other word, try to concatenate the two arrays below
> first=replicate({a:0,b:'name',c:{d:0,e:0}},5)
> second=replicate({a:0,b:'name',c:{d:0,e:0}},3)
> third=[first,second]
> % Conflicting data structures: B,concatenation.
> % Execution halted at:  $MAIN$
> I have not been able to find a way to do that properly (without subscripting
> each field one after another) an there are no example in David Fanning's
> book (Hey David, I've bought your great book, please help :-))

Not everything is in the book. Sometimes you have to
visit my web page. :-)




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