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Re: RGB image to 8 bit ??

Liam Gumley (Liam.Gumley@ssec.wisc.edu) writes:

> Richard Tyc wrote:
> > At this point, the image is a  bytarr[3,512,512]
> > 
> > In order to load it into Xinteranimate, it needs to be in
> > bytarr[512,512] form ?
> > 
> > So,  how do you convert a RGB triple image into a single 8-bit image
> > while retaining
> > the colors (although lower resolution of color)
> pseudo = color_quan(image, 1, r, g, b, colors=!d.table_size)
> device, decomposed=0
> tvlct, r, g, b
> tv, pseudo

Be sure you know what you are doing with Color_Quan here.
What you *don't* want to be doing is getting a different
color table for each image frame. 

When I faced the same problem of 24-bit images in 
XInterAnimate, I found it fairly trivial to modify the
XInterAnimate code to accept 24-bit images. Hey, here is
a suggestion for IDL 5.3. :-)



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