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Re: a plea for more reliable mathematical routines

yeah, if i weren't ``hooked'' on IDL because of having been using
it for many years doing data manipulation and stuff,
i'd ditch it in favor of matlab or python.  sigh, habits die hard..

In article <37D82EA9.BA62A369@wellesley.edu>,
  rfrench@mediaone.net wrote:

> I have the same uneasiness about the implementation of mathematics
> routines in IDL, having
> found some simple errors in things like CURVEFIT over the past few
> years. If RSI wants
> to make inroads into the serious scientific computing arena, they will
> have to hire some
> mathematicians who will take the time and care to make sure that the
> mathematical functions
> really are properly handled. Otherwise, folks will head off to MATLAB
> Fortran (gasp!) or
> other languages where you can count on getting a Bessel function when
> you call a Bessel
> function, or get a random number when you want one. I for one would
> prefer that RSI
> consolidate their current program structure and shore up the
> computational and mathematical
> functions to be competitive with other programs.
> Dick French

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