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Re: !ORDER=1

Ivan Zimine (ivan.zimine@physics.unige.ch) writes:

> In fact this concerns any program which uses Tv/TvScl.
> For example David's COLORBAR with VERTICAL keyword 
> and when !order=1 will display current colorbar which will 
> be inverted relatively to the displayed color indexes.
> I don't know if this is of major concern and how many 
> people use !order=1 by default, but it takes only 3 lines
> to make such progs independent of !order.
> pro whatever, ....
> this Order=!order
> !order=0          
> .
> .
> .
> !order=thisOrder
> end

Yes, and while you're at it save and restore the
current graphics window, the current device, the current
color table and all the system variables, too. 

I'm not saying I disagree with you--what you offer
here is important--but what I am saying that it is 
an *awful* lot of work to do this *all* 
the time. No one I know (including me) would
really bother. That is, we wouldn't bother until
people complained. Then we might actually put those
damn three lines in a future update. :-)



P.S. I have noticed that I have been saving and restoring
the current graphics window more and more in my programs
because people just are not in the habit of knowing what
window they are drawing graphics into. Half the people 
who use my XColors program would see their contour plot
in the little window that normally shows the color table
if I didn't. :-(

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