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Re: Best,Fastest platform for IDL 5.2 (NT or UNIX)

This is not quite the comparison you wanted but perhaps 
adds some insight.  I run IDL 5.2.1 on a 400 Mhz PII with 
256 Mb and NT4 SP5, IDL 5.2.1 on an old SGI XZ with an 
R4400 at 140 Mhz (???), and IDL 5.1 on a 195Mhz O2 R10000.  
The only comparison that I have is for a monte carlo signal 
processing program that uses double precision and does NOT 
use a lot of memory.  Surprisingly the two SGIs perform 
almost identically.  I think this is because 5.1 is not 
built to use the higher performance floating point 
libraries.  The PII runs at least 2x as fast as the SGIs.

If you can wait a few months I would suggest a dual PIII at 
possibly 700 Mhz with the new 133 Mhz chipset from Intel 
and either NT or linux.  I don't know if the dual PIII will 
get you more performance (I doubt it) but it will certainly 
help if you want to run your IDL program simultaneously 
with something else.

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