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Re: a plea for more reliable mathematical routines

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  davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote:

> I don't even have a clue what Rose or SNiFF+ are, ...

Two things.  1) Poor Arno.  He is getting flamed, but without
stabs like his, there would not be much progress

2) As for Rose, he is probably refering to products from Rational
Rose.  AFAIK, this is a software program for program development.
I read a book by Rumbaugh et al (they run the company), where
a problem is decomposed along three orthogonal axes:
1)objects, their properties and relationships,
2)data flow and operations
3)program states.

I used that approach a couple of times with great success.  Every time
I tried to design a complex program without it was an exercise
in poor program design - a poorly understood program with confusing
routines, data structures, you name it.


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