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Re: map_set question

Colin Peterson <cap21@cornell.edu> writes:
> If anyone still has the IDL 4.0 User's Guide (1995) please look at page
> 19-10 to help in answering my question here.  The picture for the
> Oblique Cylindrical Equidistant map projection interests me because I
> would like to see both poles.  I'm using IDL 5.2 on UNIX so that might
> make a difference, but if I type the command on page 19-11:
> map_set, 0, 0, 45, LONDEL = 20, LATDEL = 20, $
> to produce this map, it comes up with a simple cylindrical map, but the
> whole map actually rotates 45 degrees, ie the edges of the map are now
> 45 degrees from their original horizontal and vertical positions.  I
> would expect the ROT value of 45 to create the map on page 19-10 as the
> book says, but it does not.  Can anyone explain this discrepancy in the
> book, and how I can create that map on page 19-10?  Thanks.

I have both the book, IDL 4.0 and IDL 5.  Under IDL v4, the commands
in book produce the output shown in the book, ie, what appears to be
the correct output.  IDL v5 does not.  

This looks like a bug, although if the RSI people play lawyer-ball it
might still be interpretted as correct according to the documentation.


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