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Re: Page Size of HP-GL Device

Michael Lefsky (lefsky@fsl.orst.edu) writes:

> I think so- I set them to 0 to check and it didn't change the result.

I don't have any experience at all with the HPGL device,
but you have to be just a bit careful with offsets. In
PostScript, if you select Landscape mode and set the
Offsets to 0 your graphic would be off the PostScript
page and you would be staring at quite a few blank sheets
of paper coming off your printer before you figured it
out, probably. :-(

Try entering IDL fresh and then find out how IDL
normally does things:

   IDL> Set_Plot, 'HP'
   IDL> Help, /Device
   IDL> Device, /Landscape
   IDL> Help, /Device

This will give you some insight into how things work.
For example, in PostScript you would find that the
YOFFSET points in the negative X direction and the
XOFFSET points in the positive Y direction. *That's*
worth knowing!

Anyway, armed with some information you can start
fooling around a bit. I wouldn't make offsets 0,
usually, since I don't think devices can write
right to the edge of the page. Who knows what they
might do if you tried?

Sorry I can't offer more specific help.

Best Regards,


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