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Re: GUI Builder or lack of!

Dave Brennan (9147261b@clinmed.gla.ac.uk ) writes: 

> I can understand from a seasoned programmers point of view why GUI builders
> would seem ugly and be more of a hiderence than a help. However, working in a
> hospital I have only a limited time to spend programing in IDL (and other
> languages too), as I have other commitments. The GUIbuilder would at least
> allow simple things to be programmed quickly with a front end the
> radiologists could relate to. (Have to be very user friendly!)

For a couple of hundred dollars (a fraction of what
you are paying for IDL maintenance, by the way) you could
have someone write you a widget template that *looked*
like a radiology thingy and was basic enough to allow
you to do 80 percent of the simple things you are going
to want to do with it. It would be easy to use, simple
to modify and extend, have automatic file output, etc., 
etc. (Come to think of it, you could steal just about
any widget program on my web page and have pretty much
the same thing.) You would never miss the widget builder
again. :-)

> Anyway there is only one thing that I ask for, from Santa,
> IDL equality for all!

Hard to argue with that. My own list has only one
item: consistent color handling on all IDL-supported
platforms. :-)



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