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Re: CALL_EXTERNAL with F90 on an SGI


I ran into a similar problem a while back using CALL_EXTERNAL to call some C
routines. My IDL had been installed under IRIX 6.2, but then later I upgraded
to IRIX 6.5 without re-installing IDL. Therefore, my IDL was installed with the
IRIX 6.2 default -o32 switch, but  I was compiling and linking my new C code
with the IRIX 6.5 default -n32 switch, and I got the errors you describe when I
tried running my IDL program. I "solved" the problem by compiling and linking
my C code using -o32 and everything worked just fine.

Hope this helps.


Myron Brown wrote:

> I'm trying to use CALL_EXTERNAL on an SGI running IRIX 6.5 to call Fortran
> routines.  I have read the documentation for CALL_EXTERNAL and have looked
> at the examples provided with IDL.  My Fortran code looks similar to the
> examples, but I keep getting errors when I call CALL_EXTERNAL saying that it
> cannot find the routine.  The file is there.  I have checked the name of the
> subroutine I'm calling using 'nm'.  Is there something about doing this on
> the SGI that should be implemented differently?  I'm using standard MIPS
> Fortran 90 Fortran.  Any ideas?
> Also, I tried calling CALL_EXTERNAL using another file instead, this time an
> executable program.  Of course, it won't find an entry point, but it DID
> find the file!!  What's the difference.  Both files are in the same
> directory.
> Myron Z. Brown
> The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
> Myron.Brown@jhuapl.edu

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