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Re: Strange memory problem

In article <38602B16.5EDA39B@resource-eng.com>,
  "Mark D. Williams" <markw-xxxnospamxxx@resource-eng.com> wrote:

> FWIW, if you want to save time and memory, a faster way to do the
> is as follows:
> WAVE> temp = BYTARR(1000,1000,25, /NoZero) + 10B


FWIW, I don't often comment on programming examples posted here even
though I usually try them out.  I was floored by the benchmark
comparisons that I got when checking out your idea.  I have a Win95
Pentium 200 32Mb machine w/ IDL 5.2.1.  I didn't run an exact time count
but I estimate your idea being ~30 times faster (~4 seconds vs. over a
minute).  Also, and perhaps more importantly, IDL consumed only 25-26
Mbytes operating on your code and 125-126 Mbytes on the original
(obviously churning like crazy)!!!

I regularly work with large arrays and need to go back into my
application to see if I can utilize this.

Thanks for an eye-opener!

Bill B.

"They don't think it be like it is, but it do."

Oscar Gamble, NY Yankees

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