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Re: CALL_EXTERNAL problems (re: DICOM)


I did almost the same thing but the other way around.
In my setup I used Callable IDL from my C-code and used
a commercial Dicom toolkit instead of Mallindkrodt.

I don't know if you find any help from this but the things
I have found to be necessary for my toolkit are:
    set_port( pTran, "104" );
    set_protocol( pTran, "tcpip" );
    set_source( pTran, "NORDSTAR_MR_SCP" );
    status = listen( pTran, &listen_fd);

In addition to this the PACS is usually set up to accept
connections from certain physical wires only. Which means
that you cannot just move your machine to another place in
the house and plug it in the net. At least in one hospital
they tied the legal machines to an IP-address and a physical
twisted-pair port.

I could not find anything wrong in your description of how
to do this. If it had been a Windows-machine I could easily
have added all kind of silly "special" gimmicks like opening
the socket with the "rb" flags. Tricks with TCP/IP byteorder
being different, cache-bugs in the NT etc.


Karri Kaksonen
Picker Nordstar