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Re: idl5.3 create_struct()

Liam Gumley wrote:
> "R.Bauer" wrote:
> > I was very surprised and afraid this morning about the definition
> > changes of possible signs on tagname definitions.
> >
> > The only non_alphanumeric signs which are allowed in the new version is
> > '$' and '_'.
> > The '!' sign is only defined for the first place.
> >
> > a=create_struct('test@core',1)
> > % CREATE_STRUCT: Illegal tag name: test@core.
> > % Execution halted at:  $MAIN$
> >
> > I have had no information about such changes I don't found any hint's in
> > the what's new topics.
> I noticed the same thing in the IDL 5.3 beta release in September 1999.
> RSI technical support told me this was a *bug* in IDL prior to version
> 5.3. According to the IDL documentation, structure tag names must
> conform to the same rules as variable names. As far back as IDL 5.1,
> this was documented in 'Building IDL Applications/Structures/Creating
> and Defining Structures':
> "Structure names and tag names follow the rules of IDL identifiers: they
> must begin with a letter; following characters can be letters, digits,
> or the underscore or dollar sign characters; and case is ignored."

I am hoping that's there is a bug in the description because I am using
very often 
the '!' sign in the first place. 

IDL> a=create_struct('!global','test')
IDL> help,a,/str
** Structure <1354968>, 1 tags, length=8, refs=1:
   !GLOBAL         STRING    'test'

I need this sign to separate user defintion from system definitions.

org:Forschungszentrum Jülich
fn:R. Bauer