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Surface Rendering from multiple 2-D images

Larry Busse wrote:
> Is anyone aware of a method or software package that is capable of doing
> surface mapping using a pair of stero images as input?  I realize it may
> be necessary to mark (or manually identify) common points in the
> images.  Any guidance or suggestions in this regard would be greatly
> appreciated.

Since I posted this message originally, it was pointed out to me that
the recon3 function was meant to do this...it will use more than two
views if they are available.  

I have not yet tried recon3 on real images since I'm still waiting for
these to be provided.  I did try the example code supplied with recon3
and was UNDERwhelmed by the results.  If there's anyone out there with
experience using this function, I'd appreciate your guidance or warnings
so that I can avoid re-invention of the wheel.

In particular, do images have to be high-contrast?
Will color-coding of surfaces help improve the results?
Are fiducial marks used or helpful?

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