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Re: widget_table

I find it hard to believe that no one as been in my situation. Perhaps I
need to explain the problem a bit more.  Let's say that I am writing an
IDL program called X_Optimizer that
optimizes a vector of parameters (Test_Params) that are sent to a user
defined function called FX and FX returns a vector of data called
Calc_Data that is then compared to a vector of experimental data call
Exp_data.  Based on how that comparison goes, X_optimizer adjusts
Test_Params accordingly and then calls FX again.  Now, let's say that
each element of Test_Params is somehow selected from a user defined
range of possible values.  In otherwords, in X_Optimizer, there is a
widget that allows the user to enter in how many variables are used by
FX and what the upper and lower bounds on those variables are allowed to
be.  Thus, I need a widget that allows the user to input:
1) the number of variables that will be optimized,

and then in (some sort of) table form:

2) a vector that holds the names of each variable (Temperature,
pressure, IQ, etc)
3) a vector that holds the lower bounds of each variable (0., 0., 80.,
4) a vector that holds the upper bounds of each variable (1000., 100.,
140., etc.)
5) a vector that holds a measure of the resolution that is needed for
each variable(1.0,0.1,1.0, etc)

What is the best way to go about doing this if widget_table is not to be

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