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Re: Interpolation: grid --> observation point

Andy Loughe wrote:
> Hello,
> I have inherited code that takes atmospheric model (gridded) data
> and interpolates it to station observation points that report
> hourly precipiation.  The model points form a cartesian coordinate
> system, while the station observations are spread randomly
> within the boundaries of the full model domain.
> Currently, a bi-linear approach is used to interpolate the
> model data to each observation point.  This method uses the
> four closest model grid points which surround the observation
> point.
> I would like to use more than just the four model grid points
> which surround the observation point, and weight the more distant
> points appropriately.
> Any suggestions on effective methods for doing this in IDL?
> Thanks!
> --------
> Andrew F. Loughe    email:loughe@fsl.noaa.gov    phone:(303)497-6211

See the CUBIC keyword to either poly_2d or interpolate.	 Full n-point order
polynomial interpolation is not available, but might not be what you want
either. You might also look at krig2d.


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