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Re: rstrpos: version 5.2 and version 5.3

J.D. Smith (jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu) writes:

> It's there.
> You just need to add lib/obsolete under rsi/idl to your IDL search path, or,
> equivalently, search all sub-paths of lib.  I do this as a matter of course, to
> ensure such things don't happen.

Yes, or alternatively (this is what I decided to do recently),
include the code in the source that uses it. I did this because
I *know* people don't have the OBSOLETE directory on their
path and I get tired of finding 10 e-mails in the morning
asking why my programs don't work. :-(

I resorted to this after first trying something like this:

  IF Float(!Version.Release) GT 5.2 THEN BEGIN
	dot = StrPos(line, ".", /Reverse_Search)
      dot = RStrPos(line, ".")

Although that *seemed* like a good idea at the time,
I found that the line won't compile in versions of
IDL older than IDL 5.3. :-(



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