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WIDGET Q: Button-group forced scroll


Is there a way to make the scrollable output of CW_BGROUP
forcibly scroll to (say) the middle of the list of buttons?

For example, I have a call to CW_BGROUP that goes somewhat
like this:
where BTNLIST is a string array and ILIST is a long array.

What I would like to have is a keyword or parameter that says
"move the scroll bar such that LIST[SCROLL_TO_INDEX] is shown
at the top visible position," something that would work like
SET_LIST_TOP does for WIDGET_LIST.  (It so happens I can't use
WIDGET_LIST in this particular application, for some pretty strong
aesthetic reasons.)

Any ideas for workarounds?  Hacks?

Thanks much,
kashyap@head-cfa.harvard.edu         617 495 7173 [CfA/P-146] 617 496 7173 [F]