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Re: SPAWN and windows

Martin Schultz (martin.schultz@dkrz.de) writes:

>   I am almost ready to release my IDL webmaker tool in its first
> version, but there
> are still a few things I need to clean up. One thing that bothers me
> currently is
> how Windows behaves when I spawn a command: I need to create several
> directopries and copy several files in webmaker, and for each spawned
> command, WINdows opens a DOS Window, flashes the result of the executed
> command at me and closes it again. Besides getting you close to crazy
> watching it happen on the screen, it also seems to allocate quite a few
> system resources which, apparently, are released only much later. Is
> there a way to spawn simple DOS commands without opening a window? In an
> earlier post I saw something like spawn,'start <programname>' -- would
> this help?

No, nothing will help. Having a DOS window flash
at you is a fact of life in the Windows world.
The START command (on WindowsNT at least) allows
you to spawn a process and return immediately to
the IDL command line, without waiting for the 
process to exit.
> Thanks for any answer, win your EPA award!

I'm donating the award to Jim Hamell and his object
widgets page. :-)



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