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Re: IDLgrWindow (?) bug

Pavel Romashkin (pavel@netsrv1.cmdl.noaa.gov) writes:

> Sorry for not being explicit. "Messing up" means that the axes become
> longer than they were, and extend beyond the window edges. 

You know, I'm vaguely remembering a problem I had when I first
released my new PS_FORM program, FSC_PSConfig. I was changing
the size of the draw widget and then redisplaying the graphic.
On some X windows machines the redraw used the *size* of the
old window even when drawing into the new window. I wonder if
this problem is related to the one you are seeing?

I eventually just recreated the draw widget as a work-around,
but I thought it was a lousy solution. I've never been able
to report the problem because I've never been able to 
replicate it on my Windows machine.


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