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Re: PS and Hershey fonts

Ka Chun Yu (kachun@bogart.Colorado.EDU) writes:

> I was wondering if there was a way to use PostScript and Hershey
> fonts together.  I've been using PS fonts excusively, but there are
> some symbols in the vector drawn fonts that are not available in
> the PS Symbol font.  It seems that once you've set !p.font, you're
> stuck with that; is there any way to switch !p.font in the middle
> of a string definition, say something like:
>   !p.font=0 ; set to PS fonts
>   plot,...,title='PS font!9 Math Hershey Font!6PS font again'
> (I suspect that this might not be possible; I just want to make sure.)

Well, this is not possible the way you want to do it.
It *might* be possible, with a bit of care, to 
hack something together with XYOutS. Here is an

   XYOutS, 0.25, 0.5, 'Flower ', Width=theWidth, /Normal, Font=0
   start = 0.25 + theWidth
   XYOutS, start, 0.5, '!9v!X', /Normal, Width=theWidth, Size=2
   start = start + theWidth + 0.005
   XYOutS, start, 0.5, 'Power ', /Normal, Font=0



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